Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

A Mother's Love Influences Generations

This could be a photo of Amber or Michelle or any of the other young mothers in our extended family. I can't imagine a family more blessed than ours, where our grandchildren are so fortunate to all have mothers who are totally devoted to this most noble calling of motherhood. Young women with many talents and accomplishments, who could contribute so much to other worthwhile endeavors, yet know and believe the most important contribution they can make in this life is to nurture, teach and guide these beautiful little spirits Heavenly Father has sent to our family. I love how all you young mothers can keep in touch with each other through your wonderful blogs, where you share the joys, sorrows, accomplishments, frustrations and all the funny, unforgetable little moments along the road of parenthood. Thank you for rearing such amazing grandchildren!