Monday, September 28, 2009

After passing so many amazing sites, (see earlier posts), the Mormon pioneers came to this! Scouting up and down the Colorado River gorge showed no easier way, so they chiseled and blasted this crevice wide enough, and with ropes, pulleys and manpower as their main equipment, lowered 80 wagons and 1000 head of cattle down the 1200 foot drop, then built ferries to take them across the 300 foot wide Colorado River. WOW!

Along the walls, some of those pioneers left their mark, including the date. Today this would be considered graffiti, but not those names! Some were big and bold and seemed to say, "we were here, and we are committed and up to any challenge required of us in the name of our faith and our God." It is a humbling experience to stand on this spot and see what men (and women), can accomplish with faith and tenacity. Can we say the same??