Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sneak Previews

Daniel and Kenzie
I've not been posting this past week because I've been busy with wonderful family events.  Here is a sneak preview of Daniel (nephew), and MacKenzie's wedding.  They wanted a 'country/vintage' wedding and it was beautiful.  The reception was held in a barn on a historic farm.  The tables were decorated with antic bottles, yellow wildflowers and lemon drops.  There was lots of laughter and dancing.  It was a wonderful celebration!

Michael and Diana
Then we had a double bridal shower for my nephew's fiancee Diana, and my son Tyler's fiancee, Emily.   Several days later I took engagement photos for Michael and Diana, and I'll take engagement photos for Tyler and Emily this weekend.  And today I get to take one year portrait photos for my grandson Sawyer. 
Nothing is more satisfying for me than using my hobby to preserve memories for family and friends.