Friday, July 2, 2010

Phriday Phun

Clown - Downtown San Jose, Costa Rica
I was Caught in the Act....of Taking a Picture
A couple of posts ago I revealed my fear, and ongoing attempts to reach out to people, learn their stories, and document with my camera.  I said, no fair snapping candids long distance.  Well, now I'm going to contradict myself, (my husband says this is not unusual).  Anyway, sometimes a story is best told when your 'subject' is about his business and does not know he is being observed.  (I guess I better put in a disclaimer here.  I'm obviously talking about observing people in public, and not  something weird like becoming a 'peeping tom'!)  Moving on, we were in downtown San Jose, and several clowns were entertaining children in the town square.  That is, all the clowns were entertaining children except for one.  I noticed this clown was not paying any attention to the children, but was paying a lot of attention to the ladies.  He caught me just as I snapped this candid.  I just waved and went on my way.