Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Interesting People At Work - Photo No. 1

Modern Day Cowboy and Custom Saddle Maker
Calico, Nevada

"Interesting People At Work', Photo No 1. Those of us who enjoy photographing different subjects often tend to post mostly landscape and nature images on social media, because those seem to be the most popular. A long time landscape photographer who switched to street photography once said he became bored with yet another beautiful sunset or mountain, and when he made the change he found for him, that photographing people was much more interesting, interactive and rewarding, plus it was challenging to try to capture personality, mood, and circumstances of the people he met around the world. And the bonus was he made new friends everywhere he went. Through the years I have had a little photography project that I call, 'Interesting People at Work'. The first rule I follow is that I try to capture part of their work environment in the photo, and the second rule I occasionally bend, is that I try to interact, visit with, and get to know the people I'm photographing. This is a bit intimidating and challenging for me to speak to strangers, and gain their trust until they relax enough to be photographed. So for the next little while, I will post some of the interesting people with interesting jobs that I have met over the years, and a few that I didn't meet but who knew and gave me a nod that I could photograph them. Here is a true modern cowboy and custom saddle maker from Calico, Nevada.