Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Almost the LAST Sunset!!!

We have been so busy with travel and assignments that I've been MIA here for several weeks.  We have been to Wellington, then to Christchurch and we have just returned from a week in beautiful Tahiti.  And yes, we were really working......well most of the time.  The weather was perfect, the scenery magnificent and we took two extra days to celebrate the wonderful experiences we have had on our mission and take a break from our busy schedule.   (It was lucky for us that flights to Tahiti are only scheduled on certain days of the week, so we had no choice but to stay a few extra days.)  Photos from this trip will have to come later.  For now we are trying to cram 3 weeks of work into the few last days as we count down the number of sunsets we have left here in beautiful New Zealand.  And we have THREE!  Tomorrow we pick up our replacements at the airport, (at 5:30 am), and will have three days to train them, clean the flat and pack.  This photo is to remind me of the beautiful sunsets we have seen in the wonderful islands of the South Pacific.  

Sunset in Wellington, New Zealand