Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tech Talk Tuesday

Taking Time to Connect With the World
As I've often said, photography of all types can influence us in profound ways.   And one of the best ways to become a better photographer is to study the work of talented photographers of all types of photography and contemplate why their images are memorable.  Today,  I only want to speak about photojournalism.  These are photos that show a moment of reality as seen by someone, at some place, at some time, and are frozen by the click of a shutter button.  With a click of your mouse I'm making it easy for you to view a group of exceptional photographs that summarize some world events of 2009.  Through the magic of photography you will be able to witness, 'up close and personal', amazing scenes and events as they happened.  You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be shocked.  I think you will be profoundly moved by many of them.  These photos are not to be skimmed through briefly.  Please don't click on the following link until you have some quiet time so as not to be interrupted, then take time to observe, study, read, and ponder what is happening in our world, as seen by some amazing photojournalists.  I tried to summarize my feelings and emotions as I took this visual journey, but there were too many; however,  my overwhelming thought was a prayer of gratitude for all I have been blessed with, and that in my life, so far, I have been shielded and protected from most of the hardships that so much of humanity must endure.  I have been reminded that no matter where on the planet we live, we all share the same spectrum of human emotions as we struggle to make sense of the circumstances we've been given throughout the course of our lives.   I hope you find the experience thought provoking as well, and if you are so inclined, let me know how you were moved by this collection of photographs.
(When you click on the following link, note there are four parts.  After you have looked at the first group of photos, scroll back to the top, and in the center, in small print, there is a place to click for the second group, third group, and fourth group.)