Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fragile Beauty in New Caledonia

Take Time Today, Because Tomorrow May Be Too Late!

 Today I took time to admire something small and beautiful and fragile.  I'm glad I did because soon it was gone!

While on a lovely walk this morning, Jeff picked up an interesting flower that had fallen from a tree.  It had four petals that you cannot see very well in this photo.  I could tell it was delicate so I carefully carried it back to the hotel because I had never seen anything like it and I wanted a photo (every time I decide not to take my camera with me, which isn't often, I always find something I want to photograph!)  Anyway, by the time we got back, all of the petals had wilted and fallen off and it drooped sadly.  There was a purple file folder sitting on the desk, and I arranged the petals and propped up what remained as best as I could.  By then we noticed the most heavenly fragrance filling our room.  I really wished I would have had my macro lens with me but I didn't.  (After seeing how this photo turned out, however, I'm glad I didn't.)  I photographed this in the natural light from the glass doors with my telephoto lens.  I got as close as the lens would let me get and still focus, about 5 feet away.  This made for a very narrow depth of field creating this soft, out of focus background.  I only had time for a few shots before the flower totally wilted and fell apart.  Now all that is left is the perfume.....and my photo!