Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I neglected to tell you that the photo in the last post is of another class participant turned model.  Her name is Lesli, a young, up and coming wedding/portrait photographer here in Utah.  Check out her blog HERE.  About the photo, I did nothing to the exposure, and of course the lighting was set, but I did do a bit of skin softening and a tiny bit of 'dream glow' to add just a touch of glamor. 


Naturedigital said...

Thanks for the tips Karen.
I m starting taking notes.
Have a great day.

Sandra said...

thanks Karen. I did pop over and look at her photos and had to smile at the tennis shoes with flowers since my friends daughter just got married and wore orange tennis shoes with her wedding dress, the groom did also and all the attendants and parents of both of them. made for interesting photos, they are a fun loving couple