Friday, November 10, 2017

tyler & Ashley - November 9, 2017

Tyler & Ashley
November 9, 2017

There are some amazing days that are so perfect, so beautiful, so uplifting, they will be etched in my memory forever. Yesterday was one of those days! Our wonderful son, (and youngest), married a remarkable young woman for time and eternity, (as we believe in our faith). They adore each other and are a perfect match in every way. Tyler describes Ashley as the sweetest and kindest girl he has every met. We are so happy for them!


Nancy J said...

Beautiful . And as a Mum with one married daughter(55) and our younger one(almost 54) to marry for the first time (for them both) next March, I know how happiness is. Love the matching socks, tie, buttonhole and flowers in Ashley's bouquet .Faith, love and constancy are all entwined together.Hugh and I celebrate 56 years next February, and so many I know are not together now. Thank you so much for sharing your family photo.

Bill said...

Best wishes to them! May they have a happy life together. said...

Beautiful photo of a beautiful couple. All the BEST to them both!