Friday, November 10, 2017

DEAR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND PHOTOGRAPHY LOVERS!  I want to thank all of you who have encouraged and supported me in doing what I love to do....take pictures and share them with you!  Through the years this blog has also become my 'photo journal' where I can return and remember what I've enjoyed photographing in the past, and I will continue to post my photos and photo commentary here.  I also enjoy seeing the creative work of my fellow photographers, but I 'look' much more than I comment because of time restraints.  Maybe you are like me in this regard.  Several years ago I was urged to post my photos on Facebook (and Instagram), because I was told "this is where everyone is posting photos these days".  I finally did so, and was amazed and humbled at how many photography 'friends' I acquired in a short time.  So if you are among my blogger friends who are finding it easier and quicker to connect through other ways, here are additional places you can find me:  Facebook - Karen Lund Larsen    Instagram - Karen Larsen Photography   

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Robin Lamb said...

Karen, Onward and Upward! Nothing better than a change! I have been thinking a lot about what you have said recently! A couple of months back, I bought a Nikon Bridge camera. It has an unheard of zoom rate. I took a shot of a hummingbird two houses down from ours today, and it is quite usable.
I've also bee branching out with my photos, I've been posting more on Instagram lately. Mostly Hummingbirds and other birds.
I have also been posting to Flicker. I find I'm spending a lot of time here. It's easy to do, and the quality of photography here is tremendous. Nothing better. It's an excellent way to showcase photos.
You can find me here, if your interested:
I also post to a Canadian photo site, not unlike Flickr. It's called 500PX and is another great site.
Both of these sites are free unless you want to go further. Query my name in 500PX.
Hope you find some interest here.
I still have you in my feed, so I'll look for you there!
All the best