Friday, July 26, 2013

Glimpse of Zion

Southern Utah Red Rock Country

We see such beautiful and rugged country as this when we ride our RZRs, (side-by-side 4 wheelers), on the back trails of southern Utah.  Here we came upon a grand vista in all directions, with a glimpse of the rugged peaks of Zion National Park in the far distance.

(For those of you photographers who have 'photo gear envy', this was taken with my iphone.  I think if I had to choose between buying a new camera or buying a good photo editing program, I would choose the editing program.  Many photographers today feel that photography has evolved to include post processing as an essential step needed to create an image that accurately portrays the vision of the photographer.)


Robin Lamb said...

Karen, what a great vista!
I agree with you about the post processing!

Sandra said...

it is cheaper to buy a camera than and Ifone though... and no monthly fees. i can't believe how great the pics come out from the phones. I agree about the edits though, now any photo from any source can be made perfect. most of the time. this vista is surely glorious.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Amazing picture. May I ask,what type of photo editing program do you use?

What Karen Sees said...

Ruth, I use a variety of editing programs depending on my 'vision' for the photo. I run everything thru Lightroom to do basic cropping, exposure control, etc. Often that's all I do. But other programs I use fairly regularly are Photoshop, onOne software, Photomatix (if I want an HDR look). I have also collected a variety of textures, actions and presets, purchased inexpensively that I use from time to time. I'll try to list them on my next post.

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I wish you could see how high my eyebrows went up when I read that photo was done with your iPhone! Heck, I'd like to have seen my eyebrows! I've made this observation ever since I inherited my wife's iPhone a few months ago. The usual three or four tweaks I make to my photos done with my Nikon, when I do the same to the iPhone photos, little or no change is made to the image. This is telling me the photo program cannot make any better what the phone camera captured.

What Karen Sees said...

John(& Sinbad),
Of course the quality of most of the photos taken with my iphone are not on a par with the ones taken with my Canon. For one thing, I can't hold that tiny thing still and I can't use a tripod, so often, photos are not sharp. There's only so much sharpening one can do with editing programs. But as far as correcting exposure, or bringing out the colors, or cropping, etc. I've never had a photo taken with anything that doesn't respond to an editing program. That is a tough one to figure out. What type of program do you use and what type of tweaks do you typically try to do???

Silvina Soave said...

Precioso lugar, un paisaje muy bello!!
Abrazos y feliz fin de semana.

diane b said...

I agree with you. My canon was playing up on my trip up north. Every now and then it would burn out the photo I couldn't get it to expose properly either on manual or automatic. Funny thing was that it wasn't all the time. However, some days I resorted to the iphone and I must admit some shots I can't tell what I used until I read the meta data. Most on my last post were taken with my phone because we were hiking I thought why bother with the big camera if it isn't working properly.

diane b said...

OOps forgot to say how great your shot is with the foreground rock and lines leading your eye int the shot.

Judy said...

Hi Karen,

Wow, what a gorgeous photo! I would have never guessed that you took this with your iPhone!! I'm amazed.

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