Wednesday, March 14, 2012

LARNACH CASTLE - Dunedin, New Zealand

The Otaga Pennisula
A beautiful setting for the Larnach Castle

 Larnach Castle
This is the only castle in New Zealand.  William Larnach was a successful banker, financier, merchant baron, landowner and minister of the Crown.  He built the castle for his beloved first wife.  The lives of the Larnach family were exciting, scandalous and tragic.  Two wives later, William ended his amazing career and life with a gunshot to the head as he sat alone in a committee room in Parliament.

We were not allowed to take photos inside, so I had to be satisfied with photographing the outside of the castle with various compositions.  Here they are:

Close Up from the Side

Framed From a Distance

Leading Lines and Far Away

Just a Glimpse



diane b said...

An interesting spot and a intriguing family history. It is the most beautiful country.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

You captured all the best views of this one.

MTWaggin said...

As always you have a great eye. What are the vines on the archway? They look like they would smell divine!

Robin said...

Karen, looks like a lovely place. Great shots! said...

As with most castles, there seem to be scandalous lives that go with them. It is lovely!

Scott said...

More proof that money can't buy happiness. (But it sure can help.) ;^)

darlin said...

I was just going to say what Scott said... great minds think alike I guess! lol What a fantastic dwelling... a girl can dream!

Your photos are magnificent, as per your norm, you always post the most amazing shots! Have a wonderful day.