Thursday, February 18, 2016

Manti Temple with Sun Burst

Manti Temple with Sun Burst

OK, just one more photo with snow in it, although the snow is not the focus, the sun is. I have a new camera and lens and I'm trying to make friends with it!! I'm a landscape photographer who believes one can take interesting photos at all times of the day, and not just at the magic hours of sunrise and sunset. One of my favorite things in bright day light photos is sun flare which can happen in all sizes, shapes and patterns, depending on many variables, (and is something that many photographers avoid like the plague). So I was interested in seeing what my new lens would create on yet another winter photo of the beautiful Manti Temple, as the sun was shinning brightly this time I was passing through. (I didn't stay outside very long, however, as the temperature was 15 degrees F.) Anyway, I love the unique pattern this lens created.  I did not use any filters or fancy editing to create this effect.  The only thing I did was to increase the saturation and darken the sky a bit so that the sun burst pattern would stand out better.


Mersad said...

You really got a nice effect with it. Love the temple as well!

Mersad Donko Photography

Margaret Adamson said...

Great effect in this. Shot

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

I always look forward to your shots :)

Robin Lamb said...

Karen, the sun's rays are very interesting here! It really ties into the wonderful light on the temple!