Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Desktop & Calendar - April 2013

Spring Comes to Temple Square

There is nothing so glorious as Spring on Temple Square.  I look forward to spending some time each year enjoying and photographing the beauty and profusion of colors and scents in abundance.

As always, feel free to go HERE, right click and download this image to your desktop.  It should fill your screen and not be blurred or pixelated.  Feel free to share with friends, but please do not use for commercial purposes.


Robin Lamb said...

Karen, that's a wonderful shot! I do so love all the colours of spring!

Michelle said...

This is really, really beautiful and so thoughtful of you to share.

diane b said...

Indeed a beautiful shot. I was blown away by the temple gardens when I visited a few years ago.

Here I Am/Carrie said...

This photo brings nothing but happiness. Your photography is always an inspiration for me. I have been off the internet for 3 months and just returned so must make my rounds to get inspired again for taking photos. My daffidals are only beginning to open. Spring is very slow to come here back at the ranch.