Sunday, July 29, 2012

I posted this photo on our Kiwi Krossings missionary blog, but thought I'd post it here as well, since I rarely post family photos:

 Here we are ready to go to a fancy dress ball put on by our stake.  Missionaries, however, rarely bring ball gowns on a mission (haha), so the best we could do was for me to wear a black suit and for Jeff to wear what he wears every day, (although I thought the kiwi tie was a nice touch).  I haven't taken many photos of us together so I thought I'd take a quick one before our guests, (fellow missionary couples), came to dinner prior to the dance.  
For those of you interested:  I set my camera on a tripod, (with a diffuser on my flash to soften the light),  and we stood in front of a plain gray wall.  I tweaked the white balance to make the color 'warmer' and then I added a textured background so it wasn't quite so boring.  A few other tweaks and in 2-3 minutes I was done.  I kinda like the color wash look.


Robin said...

Karen, a wonderful portrait of you two!
Nice to see you!

darlin said...

Karen this is a fantastic photo of both of you and I also like the color wash look. I smiled when I seen this photo, I thought of the one you posted where you were in your sweat pants and a nice top on and Jeff was in shorts or something like that with is suit jacket and tie... I LOVED that one!

Have a fantastic week! said...

You are both so good looking! Thanks for sharing this photo. I'll bet it will be among your most treasured memories over time.

Scott said...

Very nice. Another to add to your great collection.