Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fragile Beauty in New Caledonia

Take Time Today, Because Tomorrow May Be Too Late!

 Today I took time to admire something small and beautiful and fragile.  I'm glad I did because soon it was gone!

While on a lovely walk this morning, Jeff picked up an interesting flower that had fallen from a tree.  It had four petals that you cannot see very well in this photo.  I could tell it was delicate so I carefully carried it back to the hotel because I had never seen anything like it and I wanted a photo (every time I decide not to take my camera with me, which isn't often, I always find something I want to photograph!)  Anyway, by the time we got back, all of the petals had wilted and fallen off and it drooped sadly.  There was a purple file folder sitting on the desk, and I arranged the petals and propped up what remained as best as I could.  By then we noticed the most heavenly fragrance filling our room.  I really wished I would have had my macro lens with me but I didn't.  (After seeing how this photo turned out, however, I'm glad I didn't.)  I photographed this in the natural light from the glass doors with my telephoto lens.  I got as close as the lens would let me get and still focus, about 5 feet away.  This made for a very narrow depth of field creating this soft, out of focus background.  I only had time for a few shots before the flower totally wilted and fell apart.  Now all that is left is the perfume.....and my photo!  


Sweet said...

The purple folder gave a wonderful color of the background.
Love it!

Sandra said...

spectacular, and I am glad you did not have the macro. it is beauitufl jst like this, so exotic.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Capturing the moment. This is a beautiful shot.

Diana Cooper said...

Great shots since my last visit - especially love this one. Have a wonderful day!

diane b said...

Nature is amazing and so is this photo. Did you see my comment on KK about my cousin's friends appearing on your blog in NZ.? We are home from California now.