Sunday, April 22, 2012

Samoan Song and Dance

Many of the young men and women employed by the hotel as maids, waiters, etc. are also performers.  Every Wednesday night the hotel puts on a beautiful dinner show with Samoan singing and dancing.

Master of Ceremonies
I wonder how much time was involved in getting these tattoos and if they were done in the traditional way.

There were several dignitaries at the show the night we attended.  This lady I believe, was introduced as the daughter of a former Samoan ruler.  She was invited up on the stage to dance.  Her movements were so graceful and refined.  Her hand movements were especially lovely and reminded me of waves of grain softly blowing in the wind.

The show ended with the fire dance.  There were fire dancers around the pool, up on balconies and on the roof.  It was quite impressive.

2 comments: said...

These same dances are done at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii. They are amazing.

darlin said...

Wow, this would be a 'must see'... I only wish I had the time to travel to NZ, my next trip is going to start there so I just might be emailing you for tips on traveling sometime next year, now that's wishful thinking!

I love your photos, they are so full of life, clarity and color. Thank you for sharing this amazing performance with us Karen!