Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Church Buildings in Samoa

 A Religious People

Our host told us there are no atheists in Samoa.  We thought it interesting that on Sunday, the main town of Apia was virtually deserted.  There were no stores or restaurants open, no one walking on the streets, and no cars on the roads.  All were either at worship services or home with family.  
In addition to the three recognized religions, there are others, depending on the village where you live.  It was interesting to see one very large, elaborate church in every small village, surrounded by very humble fales (homes).  There were no stores or business buildings that we could see in the small villages dotting the land where we traveled, so the church was the only large building.  Here are some:  



Robin said...

Karen, what wonderful buildings! They definitely take their religion seriously!

Sandra said...

amazing buildings.

janc@mac.com said...

Very unique and wonderful buildings.

MTWaggin said...

Those are amazing. I love seeing the different church structures than the "norm". They are just beautiful and I'm so thrilled you shared them.

diane b said...

That is amazing. Such elaborate churches but so humble homes.
It explains why the Samoan community here live in suburbs close to one another and they have many churches.
Did you hear about the tragedy here in Logan where a house burnt down and eleven Samoans died, many of them children. The father wasn't home and he lost his whole family. It was so sad. The local tradesmen rebuilt his house for him free of charge.