Friday, January 20, 2012

A New Zealand Northland Christmas - Post #13


The Bay of Islands is a tourist mecca with every type of water sport available in addition to a landscape that every photographer would die for!  Unfortunately, the day we were there turned out to be cold, windy and gray, so I didn't take photos.  Instead, we took a ferry across the bay to the town of Russell, which has a jaded past.  In fact, it used to be called "The Hell Hole of the Pacific" because it became a gathering place for ex-convicts, escaped convicts, prostitutes, and other shady characters.  Now, of course, the town plays upon its past as a tourist attraction.  
The bay was lined with cafes, quaint hotels and shops and musicians entertaining the diners.  We ate dinner here and enjoyed the tourists, the musicians and the sounds of the water and birds.

 Waiting for dinner.  I liked this composition of 'white on white' with the neutral color of the water bottle and glasses.

  After a dull, gray sky all day, the clouds cleared just long enough to give us a beautiful sunset for the last night of our Northland Christmas.


Cher' Shots said...

Such a great opportunity you are experiencing! I like the white on white too. GREAT sky picture!
'hugs from afar'

Marja said...

Your photos are absolutely stunning
The sunset is so beautiful
I haven't been to the Bay of Islands yet. You have made a fantastic trip Now you know why it is a privelage to live here.

Scott said...

So glad you had a little time for Blogland today and thanks for your comments. Loved your shots today and especially the sunset. That big black cloud in the middle reminds me of smoke from the old steam engines.