Thursday, November 17, 2011

Suva, Fiji LDS Temple

This beautiful LDS Temple is in Suva, Fiji, and sits high on a hill overlooking the ocean.  People come from many of the nearby islands to go to this temple.


Sandra said...

amazing, both the building and the photo

Dawn said...

Wow. What an amazingly beautiful place. And what a view!!!

Scott said...

That is a beautiful Temple. I'd love to visit there some day.

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely shot! So pretty with the clouds!
Ut. is expecting a snow storm tonight. The temps dropped pretty dramaticly earlier today. You have any plans for Thanks giving in New Zealand? I imagine there is plenty of people to celebrate with.
Last sunday we visited a ward in inner city Ogden. And it was amazing how much poverty showed there. The chapel smelled like old clothes, and tobacco. A lot of people looked defeated. And even totally sad. There was a man in front of us that looked like he was in pain. And our speaker was L.Tom Perry. The contrast made my head spin. Here is a disciple bringing his testimony to people that so needed it. Incl. me. That was a good set up for thanks giving. It made me realize how much we have. Wishing you a good weekend.... keep up the good work. You never know who you touch... :) I know i have been touched many times by your photography. It reminds me on how much our Father in Heaven must love us, to create such beauty.