Thursday, September 15, 2011

Phun Phriday

While in Christchurch we took a drive to a little village by the ocean and decided to eat lunch at a cute cafe right on the beach.  We got a kick out of the seagulls picking up every last crumb off of unattended tables.

Inside we saw this sign tacked on the front counter.  Evidently not everyone is amused by the hungry seagulls!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

That is quite the clean-up crew.

Sandra said...

we have one like this a few miles from here, the signs say do not feed the gulls. they come and do the same thing, we have to protect the food.

Robin said...

Karen, too funny! They are cheeky devils, aren't they!
Now all they have to do is train them to take the dishes to the sink!