Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday, a Time to Worship

Oakland LDS Temple

While in the bay area for my son and daughter-in-law's wedding open house, we spent a couple days seeing the sights.  This beautiful temple sits on a hill and overlooks San Francisco.  Check back later tonight and I'll post my favorite night shots.  It is spectacular with night lights.  Oh, and have a wonderful day of worship and rest!


Ginny said...

My word, this picture is stunning!! It almost looks more like a georgous painting. What kind of religion is the temple? And what is a wedding open house? If this is not even your favorite picture of this, I can't imagine what you'll post tonight!! Can't wait!

teca said...

My God! What a magnificent scene! A movie scene!



Sandra said...

this would make a super great post card. its beautiful and rates a big spectacular from me. can't wait to see the night lights.

Scott said...

The Oakland Temple is one of my favorites, though I haven't been there for many years. I don't remember the grounds as being so tropical. Beautiful photo and I can't wait to see your favorite night shots.