Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tech Talk Tuesday

O.K. Listen Up...
As promised, below are a few of Karen's favorite websites/blogs for education and inspiration,
(in no particular order).

Scott Kelby is currently the top selling author of photography books.  His books are written in a simple and concise way that we all can understand.  I have several of his books and recommend him highly.  If you are a Photoshop or Lightroom user, his books are mandatory.  He is the Photoshop guru,  but keeps up on all the latest trends and advances in photography and equipment as well as events.
This Week in Pictures - MSNBC News
This is an inspirational slideshow of amazing photos from all over the world showing weekly current events.
Joe McNally's Blog
Joe McNally is a famous photographer who has shot for National Geographic for years.  His blog is a variety of technical instruction, fabulous locations, shoots of celebrities, and whatever else is on his mind delivered with his charming humor and wit.
Stuck in Customs
Trey Ratcliff is the HDR guru and produces the Number 1 travel blog.  His photos are from all over the world.  Most are artistically and beautifully done, some are over the top.  Personal preference.  He offers several free tutorials.  Something to note is that he has reviews of many of the computer programs and plugins he uses, and even better, he has coupon codes to get a reduction in price for anything you might be interested in purchasing.
Pioneer Woman Photography
Ree Drummond hosts the wildly popular blog called The Pioneer Woman.  She is a transplanted city girl, now living on a cattle ranch/farm.  Her wit and humor are wonderful and the number of her followers is huge.  She has several sections to her blog including cooking, home schooling, etc., but this link is to her photography page.  She often has guest bloggers, and contests where followers submit their photos of a specific subject.  The photos that get submitted are truly inspiring.  But the most important part of this blog for me is that she has made available, free of charge, two different Action Sets for Photoshop you can download.  I use them all the time.
I don't know about you, but one of the trickiest and confusing aspects of photography is lighting.  How to use artificial light, or artificial light combined with ambient light to produce an image with just the right amount of light and shadows in just the right places.  This blog is all about the light.
This blog is a photography magazine with a wealth of information about all aspects of photography.  You can sign up for a free newsletter.
Digital Photography School
One of my favorites!!!  This site gives all sorts of practical tips, tutorials, information.  I've signed up for their daily email, which gives just enough valuable information to take in on a daily basis.  This one is a must.
For any of you thinking about the world of stock photography,  this blog is worth following.  He is local to where I live and successfully switched from full time Realtor to full time stock photographer.  In a few short years he is at the top of his trade.
Beyond Megapixels
Another photography magazine type blog with a wealth of information about all aspects of photography.
This is another photography magazine.  I've signed up for their daily newsletter.  It often has reviews of various cameras and all other photography equipment.
Friday Photo School 
This website hosts online live seminars about learning photography.  After the live event you can download the seminar.  Both for a modest fee.

If you are in need of some inspiration, I hope this gets you started.  Of course this list only scratches the surface of the vast amount of information available.  There is no excuse for someone who really wants to learn about photography and has access to a computer and the internet.  So much is available right at your fingertips!!  (And if you have a favorite inspiration/educational website/blog you love, please let is all know!!)

Next week I'll post my favorite photography computer programs, plugins, actions, and the websites/blogs where they are available.


Ginny said...

Is that a very cute groundhog? These websites all look so good! I went to the Digital Photography one and looked around and signed up for their daily e-mail updates, they seem to have a little bit of everything. Thanks!!

Denise said...

Hi Karen, what a great idea, I will enjoy checking your list out. Absolutely love the cute little animal, a wonderful photo!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I'm a little confused by your comment though.

"Karen said...
Help, I had this same problem on another blog. The 'Translator' gadget does not list English, so the blog is always in another language. The other blog had this same problem that several other followers commented on, and she had to take the gadget off. Hope you get it fixed so I can read about your photos!!"

My blog is in English so I guess that's why it isn't listed in the translator widget, unless you are seeing something that I am not which is possible, but I have had no other comments from other visitors. Maybe we are having a blogger problem? Hope you'll be able to come back and check my blog out and let me know if you are seeing another language? That would be very puzzling. I would be ever so grateful if you could stop by again. Thanks! In the meantime I love coming to yours. Have a great day!
An English Girl Rambles

Scott said...

Great list and I have been to many of them. I get Daily Photography School's Weekly (Thursday) email. I'm going to bookmark this post so don't you dare delete it.


Loyce said...

Thanks for sharing these, Karen. A lot of them I already follow, but the Pioneering Woman sounds interesting. I think I'll check that one out.

A Life In Focus Photography said...

what a great source of information. thanks Karen! i am burnt out from a wedding this past weekend. i don't know if i will do weddings again...lots of stress. the lighting was horrific.

diane said...

Thanks for all the links, now I need a week off to examine them all. Cute animal up there.

Stacey Dawn said...

Great info - been to a few of them - subscribe to a couple - will check the rest out! Thanks!!!!

Sandra said...

the photo is incredible, the subject is adorable. i will be back later to check out the sites. i have to get off here now been on for 3 hours
i have been suing your blogs, playing with P, AV, TV etc. you are right, it takes practice, but i did get a few good shots. makes me crazy but i am hanging in there. i want a shot like this one.
i need to do quality not quantiy. the most help you gave me was the oh so easy way to fianlly understand Fstops.. thansk for that

Rick said...

Great post Karen - I've seen some of these sites but will also check out the others. Oh, and the photo isn't too shabby either ;-)

Dave said...

Nice post Karen, I already subscribe to a couple of these but have now started checking the other ones out too. Thanks for the great info.