Friday, June 4, 2010

Phriday Phun


This really is a PHUN PHRIDAY for me.  I 'retired' from being a real estate agent a year or so ago, but still have a few clients and sales to wrap up.  One of those sales closed Tuesday.   I received my commission check Thursday, and immediately began ticking off all the photography equipment I could buy!  But after a few wonderful fantasy minutes,  I came back to reality and decided to be more sensible: 10% to my church; 70% to savings; AND, 20% ON PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT!  WOOHOO!!  In between the day's errands, appointments, work, and birthday party for my grandson, I found time to buy the macro lens I've wanted.  (Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS)  After everything quieted down last night, I had to try it out even though it was late and I was tired.  I took these snaps at about 11:30 pm, inside, no flash and no tripod, so they are noisey and blurry, plus the fact that I have no idea how to use a macro lens!!!  Now about the above photos.  I did this once before on a Phun Phriday, and lots of people guessed them all, so I'm wondering if I'll trick anyone this time.  They are all common household items.  WHAT ARE THEY????
(P.S.  Still a few more exotic flowers to come!)   


Scott said...

#1 is the blade on a pizza cutter?
#2 is a part of a food processor or salad maker.
#3 is a tomato
#4 #5 and #6 I don't know.

Congratulations on the new MACRO lens. I love mine. I can't wait to see all the Phun things you do with it.

Stacey Dawn said...

That's the lens I'm hoping the Camera fairy will bring me!! whoo hoo to you!!

The images involve a food processor??? said...

I think the third one is a tomato but i'm bewildered on all the others. Congratulations on the new lens.

bugnose7 said...

You fooled me. I have NO idea.

Chad said...

I would say the top photo is of the top lip of a pan. As for the rest I have no idea,my wife says if it wasn't for her I'd stave to death. She's right! My next addition is also a macro lens,but its going to be later this fall. I'll look forward to all the new photos.

Rick said...

Karen - congrats on the wise disbursements made from your r/e cheque! And extra congrats on buying that wonderful macro lens (I couldn't quite afford yours but am happy with my Canon 60mm f2.8). Looks like you'll do very well with it judging by these shots, so far.

Now, I don't want to spoil the guessing game but I can certainly help you prolong the mystery - send me an email (on my profile page) and I'll explain - very simply - how.