Sunday, March 21, 2010

IT'S SPRING!!!!!!!

It is officially SPRING and even though it doesn't look like it yet where I live, it's time to celebrate the wonders of nature as it awakens from the slumber of a long and dreary winter.  And as we are dazzled by the riot of color and fragrance and beauty that is the season,  I hope we are humbled and awed by the majesty and miracle of God's creations.  And best of all, this beauty is free for all to enjoy if we just look! My wish is that we all make time in our busy schedules to enjoy the beauty that is SPRING.  I hope this season will speak to your soul and bring you peace and hope and gratitude.

To celebrate the beginning of SPRING I'm doing a 'theme' week honoring the lovely tulip.  I luv their colors from vibrant oranges and reds to pastel pinks and lavenders.  I luv the variety of shapes and sizes and their bold displays in SPRING landscapes.  I have tons of photographs of tulips, so it will be hard to choose, but if you are a tulip lover like me, I'll be posting tulips all week for you to enjoy, and include them in 'Tech Talk Tuesday', 'Wednesday Workday' and 'Phriday Phun".   (As a side note, if you live in Utah, take time for a visit to Temple Square, Thanksgiving Point, and the best kept secret - at least it was for me - the grounds of the offices of Tahitian Noni in Provo.  These places will blow you away with their SPRING beauty.)

You Light Up My Life
Tulip and Golden Forsythia


Stacey Dawn at "Addicted to The Click" said...

Very pretty - I'm looking forward to your themes!!

Lisa said...

Oh, Im ready for spring.

Loyce said...

I love the backlighting on this one, Karen. The color is so bold and vivid, I can almost feel it in my hand.

I can't wait to see you other tulips.

Rick said...

I worked my way backwards through your tulip theme (newest to oldest) - just luv all the great shots (I'm Dutch so a natural-born tulip lover :)