Sunday, February 7, 2010

Red Rock Winter


Lloyd said...

WOW!!!! Nicely saturated colors, good detail in the foreground. That is what HDR is all about!

Not a criticism, but I am wondering if the compression from blogger left you with a few artifacts around the sky/butte edge along with a slight halo? Could be my tired eyes!

Really a nice shot though, Zions?

Bull Rhino said...

Gorgeous! That shot inspires me to do more and better. Thank you!

Scott at World’s Best Photography Blog

Loyce said...

The colors in this shot are amazing, Karen. I love how the stream leads right into the picture right up to the bottom of the snow covered red rocks. I also like that band of light just above the treeline on the right at the bottom of the rocks.

This was a well-thought out image. Every element comes together just right to produce an outstanding image.

I love it!

Chad said...

Karen,this and a few of your other photos are ones I frequently visit. I want to get into hdr,and it looks like you are very proficient. If you could visit my blog and give me some ideas on the best way to get started,and what progam you recommend. Always enjoy visiting your site.