Monday, February 1, 2010

February Desktop Image

I thought Bleeding Hearts would be nice for February.  I'm thinking there might be a few other people who are anxious for spring to be here and would like to see a bit of color.  This image should fill your monitor without being pixelated.  (Although I edited it as a soft focus image so it will not be tack sharp.) Just click HERE to download, then right click to set as a desktop image.  (Let me know if you have problems and I'll help.)


Bull Rhino said...

Those are beautiful Karen and they certainly are perfect for February. Thanks for the tip on Charles Uibel. I Googled him and enjoyed looking at many of his photos. I was not familiar with him before that.

Loyce said...

Very pretty bleeding hearts. That's so nice of you to give anyone who wants one a desktop image.

I sent a couple friends to check out your blog. I told them how much I enjoy reading yours and your photography just blows me away.