Thursday, February 25, 2010

Exotic Dancers of Fanning Island

As you can see, the people of Fanning Island get plenty to eat, at least the dancers.   I'm assuming they eat lots of fish and fruit with some chicken and pork mixed in and probably no processed foods.  I wonder what about their diet or lifestyle contributes to their weight.  I do know that civilization has started to take its toll.  We were told there is quite a drinking problem with the men.

Many of the people, including children were missing teeth or had rotting teeth.  We were told not to give the children candy because this is a major problem.  They have no dental care on the island.


3 comments: said...

It still impresses me that people on this earth are still this protected from civilization. Lovely.

Me said...

Well now I don't feel so bad about my poochy stomach!

Scott (AKA Bull Rhino) said...

I guess I could say something like "more dancing, less eating", but a. that would not be nice and b. I have no room to talk. I know that in many of the more primitive cultures having some girth is a sign of success and is something they work to achieve. I wonder how they are doing now that the ships don't come any more. Hopefully better. Thanks for posting these this week, it's been fun to watch.