Monday, July 20, 2009

Phriday Phun Answer.....

Hare Krishna Temple
Spanish Fork, Utah

Sarah knew what this was but didn't have the correct name. Cari had the correct name but the wrong location. Amber and Jan had a great guess with Salt Aire. Years ago I had an adoptive family who lived in Salem, and numerous times I would drive through Spanish Fork to Salem, where they lived. The Hare Krishna Temple is in Spanish Fork near the border of Salem, and sits on the main highway. There are usually llamas in the surrounding fields. The Mormons helped build their temple and welcomed them into the 'neighborhood'. They have numerous festivals and activities where the public are invited to learn about their religion, their culture and their llamas.


Sarah said...

Well I was close. I drive past this frequently when I go through Spanish Fork & Salem and see the llamas. It is a pretty building. I keep saying we should stop and walk around one time, we live so close.

Annie said...

Cool! That is in Utah?! Matt and I will need to drive by when we are in the area.