Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dalin & Emily in Moab

Isn't she a lovely young woman - even in a National Guard camouflage hat. I haven't yet had a chance to photograph Emily much, but I bet she makes any photographer look good!!!
Somehow I managed to get a few photos of Dalin where he is not scowling at me. He is not fond of having his picture taken, especially by me. I've told him to get used to it, because by the time the wedding is over, he will have had his picture taken hundreds if not thousands of times!!!!

They just look like they go together!


janc@mac.com said...

I agree. What a darling couple. They were made for each other and what cute kids they'll have someday!

Larsen said...

Good thing we have Emily to coax it out of him!! Those are cute pictures, are her eye's really that green? I'll have to explain when i get in her face next time they're over, that I am just checking out her eyes!!