Sunday, May 31, 2009

Down Memory Lane

We missed our annual Memorial Day trip to Emery and Calf Creek Falls, so yesterday we loaded up the RZR (Razor), and took a quick trip down there. We had fun exploring some of the back trails around the area. Early evening we went to the cemetery, and then walked around the house. Every year I don't think the house could look any worse and every year it does. Grandpa would be sad to see it like this. As we walked around, there were still rusted parts of old farm equipment laying everywhere, and Jeff could identify everything and would say, "I spent many hours baling hay on that", or he'd talk about some other memory another rusted old piece of metal had for him. It was dusk when we finally went down the lane to the fields. All of our kids first drove a car, (around age 13-14) on this lane, and we would always hunt asparagus here, before walking out into the fields and over ditches to where we would hunt for Indian pottery and arrow heads. Yesterday at dusk, the mosquitoes were so thick that I stayed in the truck while Jeff picked enough asparagus to have for Sunday dinner. While I was in the truck I watched these clouds change from boring to glowing with beautiful sunset lighting, so I got out of the truck long enough to take a few photos. This is how I want to remember this trip to Emery, rather than the dilapidated, abandoned house.

2 comments: said...

Still Karen, those of us that will love that old house no matter how battered it looks would love to see any pictures you took of it. Thanks for sharing.

bugnose7 said...

The colors are amazing. Even the rode looks reddish. Thanks for jogging the many memories I have.