Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tech Talk Tuesday

Wow, another week has gone by very quickly. Today will be a follow-up on last week's discussion on SIMPLICITY and PERSPECTIVE. To sum up......

Simplicity - Remember to decide what your main focus is and the reason for the photo, then zero in on your subject, and eliminate all other distractions. As a side note, this does not mean that there should not be other items in the picture, it means that all other items in the picture should support or enhance the main focus and not detract.

Perspective or view - Taking shots from different perspectives or views can help you make a more interesting and dynamic photo, and let the viewer see more clearly why you took the picture. Different views of the same subject can help you find the shot that has the most appeal, shows more emphasis, tells a story better, better defines your subject, etc. When possible, take many shots of your subject from different angles, from different focal points (zoom in, zoom out). Look for views that most people would miss. Then as you look through all of the possibilities, one or two will jump out at you as the 'best' for what you were trying to capture.

TODAY'S ASSIGNMENT: Last weekend Jeff and I took a quick overnight trip to Lake Powell, (don't ask), and came home the long way through Capitol Reef National Park. I took a bunch of pictures of a landmark called 'Twin Rocks'. Remember that the title of the photo is 'Twin Rocks'. Study the following photos, and decide which one is the most interesting and makes the twin rocks look most appealing to you. Now before you get stressed out over this, there is no right answer. All the photos acceptably show the twin rocks from different perspectives or views, so it is a matter of taste. There is one exception. I threw in one that for me, is not good at all. It breaks my rule of simplicity, and items in the frame detract from the subject. See if you can spot this one. Then decide which perspective of Twin Rocks do you like the best and why? If you're brave enough, let me know.

View #1

View #2

View #3

View #4

View #5

View #6

View #7


Lisa said...

For me view #2 and #7 seem to bring my eyes to the twin rocks. The other pictures I am looking at the senery more.

Amber said...

Mom, I like all the photos, except for number three feels a little cluttered to me. Is this the one you were talking about? I really like the perspective on number 2. It really frames the rocks nicely, but makes the tree branch work in your favor. Thanks for this information. I find it really help me in my photo taking.

Me said...

I like the first one. It tells a story. Beginning, middle and end. I learned that thanks to the Pioneer Woman. I can't tell you which is the bad one. I don't have the photographer's eye.

janc@mac.com said...

i choose #5. i like the balance of front scenery but still it doesn't detract from the subject matter -- if the title is "Twin Rocks."

janc@mac.com said...

John says he likes #1 the best.