Friday, March 6, 2009

Phriday Phun.........

It's Friday....relax a bit from all the hard work you have accomplished during the workweek. Take a little break from your worries, problems, sorrows, concerns. This weekend, do something you enjoy that will renew your spirit, 'sharpen the saw', etc., even if it's only for a brief while. Just for a few minutes, be carefree, be silly, be a bit more childlike. Here's a start. Guess what the following photos are? Let me know if I've made this too easy or too hard. (They are all very common items.)

Mystery Photo #1

Mystery Photo #2

Mystery Photo #3

Mystery Photo #4


bugnose7 said...

Here are my guesses.
#1 I don't know
#2 Tile in need of grout
#3 Cherrios Box
#4 Middle of a banana

Me said...

1. ?
2. piano keys
3. cheerio box
4. banana

Amber said...

1. colored Q-tip's
2. Piano Keys
3. Cheerio's Box
4. Middle of a Banana

Lisa said...

3. All I know is the cherrio box