Monday, February 16, 2009

Missing Gavin Monday

Some of my favorite memories of Gavin are watching him eat Cheerios and blueberries for breakfast. I was sitting at the kitchen table this morning and I missed this adorable little face. The day of this picture, I just happened to have my camera handy and Gavin cooperated nicely by color coordinating his outfit with the Cheerios box then giving me several of his 'I'm Mr. Mischevious' looks. I miss you Gavin!


Sarah said...

What a cute picture of a very cute boy! What cute pictures you have on here. Email me so I can invite you to my blog,

Amber said...

Such a sweet little picture. So much of you and your love for Gavin was put into this photo. You can always tell you love all the grandkids because you always see the beautiful side of them, and portray that love through your photographs. Thanks for taking the time to take pictures mom, it helps capture those precious moments that we may never get again. Your so very talented. We miss him here too.

Larsen said...

I love him.