Saturday, July 21, 2018

Albion Basin - 2

Albion Basin, Utah 
Before Sunrise

I had to give Albion Basin one more try this year, so I drug myself out of bed a little before 5 am to be there before sunrise. Looking at the clouds on the way, I knew there was the potential for some color. I was rewarded for my efforts with this beautiful pre sunrise sky which only lasted a minute, but made the early morning outing so worth while!

(Note to Myself and Other Photographers:  If you want to be a good landscape photographer, you better be a 'morning' person, or force yourself to be one, at least part of the time!  Taking beautiful photos is SO much easier when the light is beautiful!!)


Bill said...

Wow.... Really nice!

Andy said...

Lovely scene. Morning is my favourite time of day.